Monday, July 23, 2012

Dating Sites To Find A Wife?

Is it really possible to find a wife on a dating site? I mean, given the nature of online dating and all, it seems like there could be some real wierdos lurking on the net. Hopefully this article can debunk a few little known myths about meeting your love online.

It was 15 months ago today that I met my partner online, on one of Australia’s well known dating sites. I found her profile online and it stirred my curiosity. You know, it may not have ever happened if I decided not to contact this woman because she didn’t have a profile picture on display. I figured that everyone’s worth at least one crack. 

dating sitesWell I can tell you, I struck up the nerve to send a virtual kiss to this woman, and after exchanging a few emails, our interest in each other began to blossom. It seems difficult to expect that a relationship online could really grow, having seen just a couple of pictures, after making email contact. But it’s funny how strange things happen. We hadn’t met each other but were pretty sure that things would hit off, before we even met. I guess you could just call it that intuition.

If someone were to ask me: “Can you really find a wife on a dating site?” – I would reply that it all depends on your own attitude and approach to online dating. Like anything, your level of success depends mainly on your effort and positive attitude. I can say without doubt you can certainly find your own wife online. The question is not whether dating sites can deliver you your wife, but whether you have the drive and the compulsion to find your love. You can find her anywhere.

Today I write this hub telling you that next month my partner and I are getting married after around 15 months of dating, since meeting from a dating site. And this is largely because I made the decision to follow up that “profile” online without a picture, which I could easily have not decided to contact. We met after around 3 months of emailing and chatting online. It was really good spending that time online chatting with each other. Neither one of us felt we were rushing into anything, and we were both nervous about meeting.  Just as you can meet your next girlfriend, partner or wife in a bar, a restaurant, bus stop or dating site, in my experience, meeting from a dating site is by far the easiest way to meet someone. Think of the conveniences:

1. No having to confront that nervy “breaking the ice” bit which involves approaching someone in real life. However if you have the courage to do this, then I really admire you

2. No having to worry about what you’re wearing, before the big “meet up”

3. You have more time to organize your thoughts when emailing someone online

4. You have time to consider replies to another person online

5. Everyone else on dating sites want to meet their special someone so you can’t feel out of place

There is absolutely nothing stopping your from meeting your wife online on any dating sites you decide to join. The deciding fact isn't about which site to join, but what your mental attitude and state of mind - You will see that it’s really quite simple.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Profiles On Dating Sites - How To Write To Attract Other Singles

dating site profile
If you're single and like most people, intending to write a profile to use on dating sites which stands out and grabs attention is not always easy to achieve. Knowing some important pointers can really steer you in the right direction
The following pointers are designed to assist you in case you had "writers block" when wanting to describe yourself for any dating sites you join. This can magnetically attract the very person you want to meet, quickly and effectively. Read through the various points below to ensure you get your profile perfect the first time:
A Great Profile Headline:
On most dating sites your headline is a brief line showing a glimpse of what you're about in the site search and on your summary. Your headline is easily the key element in attracting someone, after your picture. An emotive and catchy healine will always grab someone. Ads in dating sites search results are essentially just like any other ad copy, advertising any product - Yes that's right, you are just a product on a shelf to most searchers online. Picking a point of distinction is essential to being noticed above the crowd. Headlines have to be straight to the point - Be honest and genuine. You want to attract the right partner, not just anyone.
Take note: Making The First Letter Of Your Words Capitalised Will Draw Attention
Studies have shown that this technique in ad copies have a major result with reader attention. Creating an eye catching profile line might be a real challenge, but getting this step right could literally determine your success or failure on any dating site. Think about a line describing your passions in life, with some humour. E.g:
“Mad Skydiver Seeks Partner For High Thrilling Adventures”
That's a pretty extreme example but it's quite clear that showing a slight attitude, wit or humour can entice people to review your profile further:
“Movie Junkie Seeks Equally Productive Couch Potato To Consume Junk Food And Watch TV”
“Keen Horse Rider Searching For Knight to To Rescue Her From The Wicked Castle”
“Plumber Pipedreaming of Seeing You Today”
“Receptionist Wanting a Handsome Guy – Expect a Great Reception!”
“Painter Seeking an Assistant to Paint My Place”
Creating an attractive or funny headline is an art form and mastering this art will certainly get you a long way with dating. This gives you the chance to put your best foot forward and throw the carrot out in front so to speak.
Your Own Text
The writing boxes in dating sites are intended to allow you to describe yourself the way you want to in further detail. The more description you can include in your info on your dating site profile the greater your chance the right person will find you interesting enough to initiate contact with you. It's a great idea to add what you love and things you don’t in these places. If there's an actress you don't like or you absolutely love, remember to mention this information in your profile, and state why. All of this information makes you who you are. Giving the world a glimpse of your inner self will go a long way to finding the right partner online.
dating sites
Uploading A Quality Profile Picture
This is absolutely crucial. Not having a nice photo, or even any photo, is like having cake without icing. A photo is your unique selling proposition. You will interest many other people having a beautiful picture and a smile and you can look forward to many successes. The back-ground should be very simple or plain, so there aren't distractions happening. This brings out the best in you - Having little or no background puts more emphaisis on you. Believe it or not, this is where most people stuff up. No other person should be in the picture, for instance a cut out of a head nearby, leg or arms, silly poses, glamour pics or the like – Having a professional attitude and approach to dating online will serve to help guarantee your success. Your sole intention is to put an effort into creating a masterful profile that rocks any dating sites you join, to meet the partner of your future. Think about the type of person you want to attract and select a photo you believe will appeal to them.
It's as if you had a lolly shop - People walking past will take a glance your way - If they see something they like which gives them a good reason to walk in the door, you have a much better chance of selling something. Having a visitor click on your profile gets them "in the door" and you get a chance to sell yourself.
Observing these important aspects of establishing a profile for any dating sites you decide to join will put you in great shape to attract the best partner for your future.

3 Things Single Men Seek In Women

In Australia, the land of milk and honey, there is a diversity of single men who are looking for women. The important thing to find out, if you're a woman, is exactly what these men are looking for - What are the real truths out there about single men, and why do they seem like such a mystery?
single men
What Do Single Men Want In Women?
Understanding exactly what single men want is not an exact science. The answer to this question will depend greatly on the type of men you ask, and what their background, career, interests and priorities are. However, there is almost certainly one ultimate common element in a single man’sinnermost desires which will capture their heart by a woman –
For single women who want a glimpse into the soul of a single man, to really know what makes a man tick - You may be amazed to learn that what 9 out of 10 men seek is a stunning looking, very intelligent woman. These are two distinct adjectives - Many men perceive that beautiful single women have one of these two. Right or wrong, what single men really want is to meet, connect and be with a beautiful single woman who is also intelligent. Men have a visual tendency which means they are stimulated in a large proportion, by what they see, and feel that a fine figure, warm smile and sophisticated appearance trump just about every other attribute of their ideal woman. It sounds unfair I guess. Well it just may be, but it feeds theirself esteem of their inner selves, like a hot button.
Men feel the instant emotions of physical attraction very powerfully in women. That attraction in women is an addiction that most single men admit to possessing, but most men will deep down admit is the single driving factor in their decision to be with a woman. Along with physical attraction come several other points. If you're a woman and you have these below attributes, you have the ability to literally attract that many men, they will appear in droves!
1. Independence – You have a significant advantage over other women if you can make your own decisions on your feet, know what you want, how to get it and are able to take care of yourself.
2. Intelligence – Women, can you talk to men about politics, science, arts or cultural interests that might ignite a passion? Are you well educated, can you share your experiences and be articulate? If you have the knowledge, this will impress your man and turn him on
3. Ambition – If you possess the passion and the willingness to strive for what you want - If you have entrepreneurial spirit or a general fire to excel – If you believe in goal setting or have specific plans – If you have the desire to be better at something in your life then this will attract single men in numbers.
Understanding what single men want is not the paradox you might think it is. The laws of nature are quite simple, yet we mostly complicate or confuse them. Men are no different to this too. If you have a good attitude and strive to excel in your life, you will discover so many nice men before you know it.

3 Things Beautiful Single Women Seek In Men

Being a man, it is very difficult to really understand the inner workings of a beautiful single woman's mind. This is because men think with a very logical mindset about a woman, and this in turn fires up their emotions. Beautiful single women can mostly seem like a mystical adventure to men, but as difficult as this might seem, women can be expert at hiding true feelings, but are also just as good at showing them, particularly to their female peers.
It is common place for many women to want to meet intelligent men who are strong with the ability to listen intently to their feelings! Beautiful single women always give priority attention to a man who possesses these particular attributes:
1. Personality: It is not about looks or class at all. A man's personality, humourous side and warm, glowing outlook, along with kind hearted-ness will capture a woman's heart straight up.
beautiful single women2. The second thing women want in a man is honesty and integrity - Men who are genuine and honest in their ways and are straight shooting really prove they stand behind their words. Trust in a new relationship is a crucial aspect and these qualities will win their affections very quickly indeed.
3. Romance - Beautiful single women really enjoy men who can have the gift of being romantic - This shows the man really cares and is revealing his soft and warm side. Romantic activities like picnics in parks with a dessert or some romantic treats, or a planned outing with many interesting activities to excite a woman's senses are the very ignition to begin a romance.
Understanding what women really want in their lives does not have to be an elusive mystical paradox that most men believe it to be. Men, you need to use your intuition, your higher brain cells that tell you what is going to be a huge success. Contrary to what most men believe, most beautiful single women aren't looking for lots of money (not the genuine ones anyway). They aren't looking for breathtaking looks or charm, or "posh" things. Women desire a man who will increase their inner self esteem through complimentation, encouragement and support, to make them feel incredibly good inside. Women really desire to be with men who will listen intently to them about their feelings, interactions, daily experiences and life journey - Men, understand these aspects and you are half way to successfully meeting beautiful single women.
Trying to be 'nice' by buying flowers will not often succeed in getting women's attention. Popular women are so used to men falling all over them with 'charm', but these guys seldom succeed. You need to be innovative as a man - Be humourous and warm hearted and have a great smile and you can't go wrong.
Understanding what points attract beautiful single women will afford you many successes in your dating life and you will be bound to meet the absolute best woman very soon if you remember these points.

Online Video Chat Rooms - The Advantages Over IM Or Text

Using online video chat rooms for your socialising on the internet is much safer than the use of IM online chat rooms. There are many significant security advantages of using video with your online chat rooms, An open channel of transparency being the obvious benefit.
online video chat roomsThe ever increasing numbers of chat sites on the internet, like myspace, facebook and more, has seen an escalating number of security risks among users of these sites. This article examines potential safety risks with these sites, like predatory behaviour sometimes exhibited by strangers or sex offenders using these sites to potentially endanger children or young women. The following information has been written with the intention of improving your online security and to encourage you to keep safe during your involvement with social activities on the internet.
After studying many of the sites, it is discovered that most of these are free of charge. There are inherent dangers to young people as well as young adults who use  online chat rooms.
A press release which was issued by the Victorian Police Department back in September of 2007 detailed in their report that with the growing online chat rooms, so too were predators and sex offenders exploiting those mediums of communication to possibly harm other people. The report gives some specific advice which I have researched and summarised below:
1. Online chat rooms offer a convenient hideout for predators hoping to conceal their identity behind the shroud of anonymity online - There's no need for them to upload a profile photo with a face visible online.
2. People involved with online chat rooms are able to mask their computer's IP number within a proxy server, hiding their location, making the job of locating offenders difficult
3. Offenders are now 70% more likely to utilise instant messenger for predatory harm, cyber bullying or various other dysfunctional intentions, causing other people much pain and hurt.
What can you do to improve your security? - Online Video Chat Rooms are the answer.
Online video chat rooms you further control and flexibility, while being able to enjoy the comforts of social interaction. The video component of an IM messenger service adds a huge additional layer of security by providing total transparency among users. Online video chat rooms like Skype give you additional safety given you can view the user on the other end of the computer. Straight away the anonymity is stripped away. The benefits of video with your conversations are:
video chat rooms1. The other person's face can be seen. This alone is a significant benefit to your online security.
2. The other person cannot easily lie about their age or gender.
3. They cannot pretend to be someone else
4. If the other person must pay for their communication, in most situations the credit card payment is the only option, opening up personal details to the hosting website. That guilty member should realise they will be discovered if they are guilty of any criminal acts.
Online video chat rooms are advancing through the years and now the technology brings us to an online video revolution. Particularly for Australian users of these sites for dating and meeting, online video chat rooms are the safest way to meet other singles, ensuring a high safety element all round. The savings in time emailing others is huge and gives you a far more convenient and safer way to communicate with others

Monday, July 16, 2012

Zone54 Releases 1 on 1 Online Video Chat Rooms!

Thanks to my great friends and accomplished software engineers Lex and Mickey at 123Flashchat, I have all brand new one-on-one online video chat rooms service for you to contact other people! We have elected to use webmessenger for the best service to connect single women and men online by video.

online video chat rooms
Having video with your online chat rooms is an excellent feature to help you meet your special partner online in person, before going on that first date! Imagine seeing someone on screen first, being able to view their face and hear them speak? Well we've made it all possible and we're so excited for where Zone54 is going in the future. There are many safety benefits of being able to see someone's face and hear them speak on video, before meeting them in person:

1. Save loads of time meeting other singles online by feeling that connection with someone more vividly through real-time video. Meet for that instant connection instead of waiting for emails or replies that may not arrive

2. You know the person you're chatting with via video link is real and the same as their profile picture. This is a big security bonus knowing genuine people are willing to meet face to face using online video chat rooms

3. Observe someone's manner, face and persona live and gain a useful insight into someone's personality traits to make a more qualified decision to meet

Simply hit the chat link next to a user's profile when they're online and away you go. Online video chat rooms are perfect ice-breaker!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zone54 Relaunches

Hi guys,

Zone54 has been through some challenges in the past 2 years, but now we're gearing up to relaunch! I'm excited to announce we are back online and are going to move forward full steam.

Thankyou to our foundation members who have been with us since the start. I have some exciting new features and announcements to make in the near future with our relaunch. Please stay tuned.

We are now in the process of setting up the profiles so everyone can see everything in one quick glance. We have now got our new exciting 1 on 1 online video chat rooms software installed for you to take a look at which will enable you to meet others on video first!

Stay in touch and we'll announce our upcoming plans soon!